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Panda Solar - Solution Specialist

Since 2017, Panda Solar has been supporting the European solar industry as a leading full-service provider with photovoltaic concepts for plant construction, quality assurance, performance optimization, and sustainable energy strategies. Over the last years, we have progressed from an independent service provider to a recognized expert for smart energy solutions. Our business portfolio ranges from the design and installation of residential and commercial systems, energy consulting, large-scale PV plant operations and maintenance,  after-sales service, system test, and repair. 

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Products and Solutions

We are an exclusive supplier of Livoltek residential energy storage system;  We provide also BIPV solutions, warm pumps, air-conditioners, and heating systems integrated with a solar system.

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System Installation

We offer customized smart energy solution, to optimize residential energy production and consumption, to aim at a zero-energy smart home that can fit multiple types of houses.

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System Service

We provide on-site service including replacing solar systems on the roof; troubleshooting and repairs; panels cleaning and warranty assistance. We provide also service for large-scale PV plants including daily operation and monthly, quarterly, or annually maintenance, monitoring, and data analysis


To be able to offer you customized PV solutions, we rely on our professional and experienced partner network.

You always keep a single point of contact with Panda Solar.

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